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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses In-Office Vs. Online

Buying Eyeglasses Online in Hot Springs

These days we’re all used to going online to order everything from electronics to groceries without batting an eye. Why not? It’s convenient, it’s quick and we get the same thing as if we to all the trouble to get out of the house to buy these things at the store, right? While this may be true of many things, eyeglasses are always one purchase you DO NOT want to make online! At Medical Arts Optical in Hot Springs, and serving Arkadelphia, we have the skills, the professionalism and the drive to help you with your eyeglasses purchase, above and beyond what online stores are able or willing to offer. Below, we’ve outlined some of the advantages of buying in-office vs. Online:

1) Personal Relationships and Expertise

At Medical Arts Optical, we pride ourselves on the deep professional and personal relationship we have with each and every patient. You have a name and a face, and our one and only aim is to help you see and look your best.

By contrast, online stores exist for the sole purpose of selling you products and turning a profit. To them you are a faceless consumer, whose personal eye care needs are neither known or important to them. Their aim of the online store is to sell you a product.

Of the two options, our Hot Springs location or an online store, most patients would agree that we are far more likely to be able to make the right eyeglasses recommendation to safeguard your vision and your eyes for years to come.

2) The Myth of Online Savings

“But I lose out on savings if I don’t take advantage of the online-only sales,” you may be saying. Well, it turns out that these savings are, more often than not, a myth; an advertising ploy to draw you in, and get you to buy, despite the fact that the online stores are not providing you any expertise or guidance.

While many online retailers will tell you all about their low prices and great deals, they often will actually cost you more money than if you order from our Hot Springs opticians. This is because we maintain special relationships with eyeglasses manufacturers that allow us special deals and savings that we are then able to pass on to you, our patients. We often find special rebates for our patients that online services are mostly unaware of or would require you to redeem on your own in order to save money on the same eyeglasses you would be buying with us.

36 14835054263) Superior Customer Service in Hot Springs

Buying a pair of glasses is an important and possibly complicated experience. You need to take into account your face shape, the way your lenses will look and feel with certain frames, what size and type of frame will be most comfortable and provide you with the best vision, and much more. By definition, an online store does not have the ability to give you the proper face-to-face time this requires. Medical Arts Optical’s skilled and friendly team of opticians does!

We will also consider where each type of frame will sit on your face. This will influence what part of the lens your eyes will be looking through, which is especially important with bifocals, because an improper positioning of the lens in front of the eye can make proper viewing through the different vision zones especially difficult or impossible.

In the end, a professional, trained and educated eye with whom you have a personal relationship is more likely to fill the prescription correctly the first time, and fix it if there is a mistake, than an online retailer whose training is customer service or sales oriented, and with whom you share no personal connection beyond their desire to sell you their products.


To find your perfect pair of eyeglasses in Hot Springs, come see us, at Medical Arts Optical, today!

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